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My name is Jean Konopacz. I currently live in the Boston Metro Area and offer all sorts of quilting services on my hand driven Innova long arm.

I went to school decades ago for Textiles and Clothing Design and Art. Did that for many years. Got married, had kids, life got busy for a while. Went back to work designing interiors. Then my family made several moves abroad. I traveled the world but needed to keep busy. That’s when the quilting bug bit me hard. I realized my love was not necessarily for clothing or interiors but for textiles and fabric. While abroad I purchased an Innova long arm quilting machine. Here I am today, living in the Boston area, quilting for a living.


I will quilt the simple edge to edge. I will take your pile of t-shirts or memories and make them into an heirloom quilt. I absolutely love the custom quilts used for wedding gifts or show quilts to win a ribbon. These quilts give me the freedom to doodle with thread to create a masterpiece.

Whichever category you fall into, your quilt excites me. My clients are the best. They bring to me more quilt design challenges than I would ever have time to do on my own. I look forward to creating that happy memory for you.